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My Network

It’s a fact, without a solid and a wide source of real world practical knowledge I could not develop the quality products that I do.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the people behind the scenes.

International Teacher Training Academy

Carolyn FletcherCarolyn Fletcher

Carolyn and her wonderful staff provide me with much needed feedback on my resources during the development phase. I rely on her to review my draft learning and assessment resources, validate them and advise me generally on the appropriateness of the materials.
The ITTA staff also keep me informed and provide me with feedback as they use my resources to train and assess their clients.
I don’t regard Carolyn as a customer. She is a highly valued colleague.

International Teacher Training Academy (Australia) Pty Ltd
Coffs Harbour, NSW

The Southern Cross Connection

CarmelCarmel Thompson

Hello, I’m Carmel Thompson. As the Managing Director, allow me to personally welcome you to the Southern Cross Connection, Australia’s Education Consulting Specialists.

If we can help you in any way, or if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us. Check out our custom designed services for education providers.

We are specialists in the ‘knowledge’ industry.

The extensive experience of our Managing Director ensures we will continue to operate in this field as it becomes a part of business now and into the future.

We offer consulting and training services to a broad range of national and international clients.

Gold Coast Qld 4211


Pavlov Group

NancyNancy Pavlovic

Nancy has been in the training industry for over 20 years, having started her career in the classroom she now routinely finds herself in the boardroom providing strategic direction, as the managing director of the PAVLOV GROUP, a consultancy firm specialising in solving problems in and out of the VET sector.

The PAVLOV GROUP provides advisory and consulting services in all areas affecting Registered Training Organisation (RTO’s).

This includes registration, re-registration, rectification, internal auditing, compliance, strategic growth management, course design, professional development, training and assessment resource development with a speciality in validation.

Nancy’s Email: nancy@pavlovgroup.com.au

Executive Wisdom

Ric WillmotRic Willmot

Ric Willmot is “The Strategist” assisting organisations to improve performance, profits and productivity. Most businesses are en route to destinations they don’t seek because of a strategy they haven’t set is taking them there. Ric Willmot helps clients to compare their desired strategy with what the actual strategy is and realign them and their people back to “true north”.

If you are not working with Ric, you may have a strategy by default that you are not even aware is driving your business. Hence, your tactical decisions, no matter how good, are wrong.

Ric Willmot’s work is sought after internationally in improving business growth, success and profits; and he is the go-to person for CEOs, senior executives, and professional service people practicing in law, accounting, financial services, consulting, recruitment, business coaching and alike. He doesn’t waste time on theory and all content is practical and immediately usable.

Ric Willmot is seen as the thought-leader for strategic business improvement. So much so, that PricewaterhouseCoopers use him to mentor their partners and directors. His intent is not just to improve your business, but to build firms which create wisdom and wealth. He works with CEOs, business owners, executives, partners, and managers to produce results.

Brisbane, Qld


United Business Services

VickiVicki Roberts

Vicki is an international technical advisor who specialises in institutional capacity building and TVET sector structures including development of qualification frameworks. She has developed learning environments, e-learning and paper-based materials for a variety of audiences and sectors including government, tertiary, high school, industry, youth, women, long term unemployed, disadvantaged groups, and disenfranchised groups in Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Timor-Leste, PNG, Kiribati and USA.

Vicki has over 20 years experience in education, vocational education, training and assessment and quality education outcomes. As an ISO9001 Quality Management Systems lead auditor, Vicki has extensive experience in developing, monitoring and reporting on project frameworks.

Vicki is an expert in quality training systems, capacity building, mapping and gap analysis, learning strategies, course and courseware development, and teacher/trainer upskilling. Vicki is a life-long learner who continually seeks innovative ideas.

Brisbane Qld 4115


HB Training

JulieJulie Kerin

HB Training is known in the marketplace as a niche provider of nationally accredited training courses in the areas of business, retail, information technology and training and assessment.

We recognise that our clients are looking for ‘choice’ and ‘flexibility’ in training and have built our success on a delivery approach of customised and personalised training that meets our client’s needs.

HB Training understands the importance of easy access to quality training to enable your business to grow and offers regular scheduled workshops, one-on-one training and specialised training for businesses, with training delivered at our training centre or at the client’s premises

Toowoomba Qld 4350


KG Project Services Pty Ltd

faceKevin Gardner

I work with businesses to build their capability for the purpose of entering new markets / projects or capitalising on existing markets.

I specialise in preparing businesses to fit into major project supply chains and develop systems and process to pass stringent Pre-qualifications e.g. oil and gas industry requirements.

We work with many industry sectors e.g major projects, construction, manufacturing and trade based companies.

I’m also a director of Indigenous Supply Chain Connections.

Kevin’s Email: kevin@kgps.com.au

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