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Create a better learning and assessment pathway.
Learner Engagement = Client Satisfaction = Growth

An RTO depends upon client satisfaction for its success. Referrals from your trainees and their employers are the best form of marketing.
Client satisfaction depends first and foremost on the quality of your trainers and their ability to engage the learners. As a trainer myself I am fully aware of the importance of having good resources.

Adults learn most effectively when they are given activities rather than passively listening or reading. They need activities that they can directly relate to their own experience and work environment.

In order to progress and remain motivated, learners need a sense of achievement. They need to see that they are progressing. In order for this to occur, the learning needs to “flow” logically from one concept to the next, and the trainer needs formative assessments to gauge when a learner is ready to move to the next step.

Client satisfaction also depends upon outcomes. Competency is not based just on the decision of the assessor. It is also based on the views of the trainee and whether they feel confident in themselves.

The tasks they perform need to closely simulate tasks they will do in the job role. That way they will have the confidence as well as the knowledge and skills to achieve the required performance standards in the job. The RTO learning and assessment pathway resources that I design focus on “real work” situations and “real work” tasks.

My current RTO clients tell me that the trainers and the trainees enjoy the learning experience and the competency completion rate is exceptionally high.

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