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BSB 51915 RPL Tools Development


I’ve finally been able to start on RPL tools.

Had to get on with this because one of my clients needs two of them for audit rectification. The learning and assessment tools were OK but the auditor required RPL tools as well. Now they are both done and I can breathe again.

It’s a complete re-think from the way I formatted the tools before. There’s a preliminary Candidate Guide and Application for the qualification as a whole. This includes the explanation of the RPL process and what the candidate needs to do. There’s a “sister” RPL Assessor Guide for the qualification as a whole that is very detailed. It’s where the assessor and candidate decide on the electives, after the assessor receives the candidate’s application and CV.

Then there will be a separate Candidate Guide and Assessor Guide per unit. An RTO can put these together if they choose, or keep them as individual documents. Having done many RPLs myself, I know how complex the process can be – particularly for the assessor mapping all the evidence. So I’ve created lists of suggested documentary evidence and pre-mapped for the assessor. In the same way, the third party verification forms and competency conversation are internally mapped.

Bear with me. I’ve only completed 2 units so far in BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management. Now I have to do all the rest for all the qualifications.

Back to the grindstone …

Sandy Welton

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