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BSB41412 Cert IV WHS Update

IBSA put out a discussion paper on the proposed changes a couple of weeks ago and since then I’ve been in touch with IBSA to try and find out more.

Originally this qualification was to be endorsed at the end of June.  Then it was delayed to 24 October.  Now the latest date for endorsement is 6 December but we are not holding our breath!

They’ve also changed the code of the qualification.  It’s now BSB41412.  The 5 core units haven’t changed (thank goodness because we’ve already written the learning and assessment resources for these).

The electives are in 2 groups.  3 electives must be selected from Group A and the other 2 may be selected from Group B.  The number of electives is greater than before.

Eddie from IBSA has also sent me a mapping document indicating equivalences for people with BSB41407 Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety.  The qualification is stated as equivalent but not all the units are equivalent, so it looks like a straight credit transfer won’t be possible – which is what we expected and the reason we are putting together RPL tools as well.

In spite of the delays, I still feel that it’s worth devoting our time to this qualification.  There are about 400 RTOs with scope for Cert IV OHS so we believe there should be a huge demand for resources once the qualification is endorsed.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that there won’t be further delays.  Sometimes I wonder whether we wouldn’t all be better off sticking to non-accredited training.

Sandy Welton

29 September 2012

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