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BSB51915 and Other Developments

A great deal has happened since my last blog in February. The new BSB Training Package was endorsed in March and that made nearly all of my existing resources obsolete.

Thank you so much to my web designer Kevin, who managed to change my whole web site at very short notice. Just a warning Kevin, the changes are ongoing as I develop the new training resources.

I started with BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management and currently have 13 units completed.
BSBLDR501 Develop and use emotional intelligence is one of the new units, and I must admit when I started developing it, I wondered why it had been included. It seemed a bit “psychological” for a management qualification. By the time it was completed, I had convinced myself that BSBLDR501 may be the most important of all the units for a management role. So if I can convince myself, hopefully the learners will feel the same way.

Demand for BSB51915 resources has been gratifying – which makes the time spent developing worthwhile for me. As they were developed, I sent them to my favourite RTO, International Teacher Training Academy, and Carolyn Fletcher and her trainers went through everything with a fine tooth comb for me. It was so helpful to have this independent view and the suggestions they made for further improvement.

ITTA is one of the RTO’s delivering BSB51915 and I received this feedback from her today in relation to BSBLDR501 and BSBLDR502:
“We have a few trainers/assessors from other RTO’s currently doing the two LDR units with us – the feedback is great and Carolyn Laycock who is taking them through is really enjoying the units so far.”

I’ve now completed BSBHRM405 Support recruitment, selection and induction which was a special request. Personally I can’t see why they have included this Cert IV unit in Group A of BSB51915 – especially when it is not in BSB42015 Certificate IV in leadership and management. However, there’s obviously a demand for the unit so now my clients have a choice of electives.
I’d like to say a special thank you to my pre-existing clients who have come back for the new resources. Also, thank you to my new clients. Many of the new clients are just purchasing a couple of units first to see how they go. I’ve just had a further order from one of them, after they ran the first two units, saying how happy they are with them.

I just wish I had 10 pairs of hands, as I can’t develop the resources quickly enough. Currently I’m working on BSBLDR402 Lead effective workplace relationships. I had previously developed BSBWOR401A Establish effective workplace relationships which is stated as equivalent but in fact this one is going to need a re-write because of the way they have changed the knowledge evidence and performance requirements.

Sometimes I think it’s change for the sake of it – but at least it keeps me busy.

Sandy Welton

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