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BSB51915 Proving Popular

My resources for BSB51915 Diploma of leadership and management are proving very popular, especially with my existing clients. I’ve heard from one of my clients in Western Australia that he has just been through a TAC audit and they passed with flying colours. So far there hasn’t been an ASQA audit that I’m aware of.

Several of the new clients purchased just a couple of the units for BSB51915 – wanting to try them out before committing to any more. It’s great that they are now coming back and buying the balance of the qualification.

I’m still working on the resources for BSB42015 Certificate IV in leadership and management and some of my existing clients are buying them one by one as they are developed. The core are all completed now, and I’m up to the Risk Management unit in the electives.
Originally I was hoping to complete these by the end of June but it’s taking me longer than I expected. Even where the unit is stated as equivalent to the old FLM unit, there are many changes needed and for some units it’s been more efficient to do a complete re-write.

So for those of you who have resources from previous units that are stated as equivalent, I definitely recommend a complete validation and re-mapping. The performance criteria won’t give you any trouble but the knowledge evidence and performance evidence often requires additional or changed assessment tasks.

Also, now that foundation skills are mapped to the PCs you will have to see whether the tasks that you mapped to each PC addresses the specified foundation skills.

I’d like to say a special thank-you to Kevin who looks after my web site. Almost every week he needs to make changes to show what’s now developed. Since my phone number went to the top of the web page I’m getting all these calls from people who tell me they can do a better job and keep me at the top of the Google search engine. I just laugh.

Sandy Welton

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