****New Development Alert **** BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management ****

BSBWOR404 Develop Work Priorities

I mentioned in my last blog that this unit was the next cab off the rank and I’ve just completed the resources for this unit.

It’s a Group A unit, and you must have a minimum of 4 from Group A in BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management. Now my clients have a choice. Some of them don’t want to use TAEDEL404 Mentor in the workplace so that’s why this unit needed to be developed.
Now I need to start on the RPL tools for all of the units. I’ll be starting with the RPL tools for BSB51915 Diploma of leadership and management.

They will be slightly different from the way I’ve developed them in the past. I plan to put the application form as a separate document, rather than include it in each unit.
Also, practical activities are optional in RPL, and because of the way I’ve mapped the assessments in the learning and assessment pathway, any gaps that the assessor identifies can be filled by selecting assessments from them.

This will speed up development greatly and I’m hoping to do one per day (cross fingers).

On the home front, I’m about to call builders and organise to renovate the bathrooms. One at a time of course. I may work alone but I still need to shower!

Sandy Welton

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