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RPL Tools for BSB41415

I wasn’t going to develop RPL tools for the Certificate IV level units because I didn’t think there was much demand. Naturally, as soon as I made this decision I started to receive requests for RPL tools for the Cert IV in WHS. Typical!

So, now I have completed these in the same format that I used for the BSB51915 Diploma of leadership and management RPL tools – namely:
• One assessor guide and candidate guide for the qualification as a whole – to start the process. This contains the candidate application and guidance for both the assessor and candidate on the RPL process.
• One assessor guide and candidate guide for each unit of competency.

I have put full samples on my web site (at the bottom of the BSB41415 page).

There are two more RPL tools to develop for BSB41415. They are BSBWHS408 and BSBWHS409. I should have these finished in the next couple of days. These units will be RPL tools only – no learning and assessment resources.

These two units must be assessed in the workplace and need to be highly contextualised to the workplace. Monitoring processes and contractor management depend on the type of workplace. For instance, a laboratory, construction site, manufacturing, mining, power generation require quite different air monitoring and contractor management.

Next project: RPL tools for BSB42015 Certificate IV in leadership and management.

Sandy Welton

BSB 51915 RPL Tools Development


I’ve finally been able to start on RPL tools.

Had to get on with this because one of my clients needs two of them for audit rectification. The learning and assessment tools were OK but the auditor required RPL tools as well. Now they are both done and I can breathe again.

It’s a complete re-think from the way I formatted the tools before. There’s a preliminary Candidate Guide and Application for the qualification as a whole. This includes the explanation of the RPL process and what the candidate needs to do. There’s a “sister” RPL Assessor Guide for the qualification as a whole that is very detailed. It’s where the assessor and candidate decide on the electives, after the assessor receives the candidate’s application and CV.

Then there will be a separate Candidate Guide and Assessor Guide per unit. An RTO can put these together if they choose, or keep them as individual documents. Having done many RPLs myself, I know how complex the process can be – particularly for the assessor mapping all the evidence. So I’ve created lists of suggested documentary evidence and pre-mapped for the assessor. In the same way, the third party verification forms and competency conversation are internally mapped.

Bear with me. I’ve only completed 2 units so far in BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management. Now I have to do all the rest for all the qualifications.

Back to the grindstone …

Sandy Welton

TAE40110 and BSB51107 resources completed

In my last blog I said that I was working on the BSB51107 resources. I did in fact finish them and then went straight on to finalising the resources for TAE40110, forgetting to tell anyone that the BSB51107 resources were all finished!

BSB51107 Diploma of Management has two changes. The core OHS unit is replaced with the unit BSBWHS501A and Manage Projects is now BSBPMG511A Undertake Project Work.

I decided to re-write the course from scratch. Having delivered my previous clustered Diploma of Management course over a period of time I decided that clustering of assessment is not the best approach. For this reason, each of the units now has separate assessment tools. The Learning Guide remains a single document. This is mainly because four units require in-depth knowledge of legislative requirements – so I’ve created a separate chapter dealing with legislation in detail, and then designed assessment tasks for each unit that focus on legislation as it applies to the unit.

BSBMGT502B Manage people performance, BSBMGT515A Manage operational plan and to a lesser extent BSBWOR502B Ensure team effectiveness all require competency in developing operational/work plans and KPIs for a team. Each of these units has a separate chapter in the Learning Guide which could stand alone. However, the knowledge gained in previous chapters is useful for those that follow, so ideally the learning guide should be treated as a single entity.

I’m encouraging my client RTOs to avoid the trap of offering a plethora of electives. For one thing, BSB07 Business Services Training Package states that the trainer/assessor must hold the actual unit or equivalent – so it’s important that your training and assessment strategy aligns with the competencies of your trainers. For another, at Diploma level a flow of learning with units that have a logical relationship is much more appropriate in my opinion.

Now on to TAE40110. This qualification is a minefield. It’s so important to get it 100% because it is the key qualification that underpins everything we do in the VET sector. My old clustered course is now history. I have created unit by unit resources. Also, before I was prepared to release them I wanted to trial them myself. I have now used them for two groups with great success. This time I’ve included TAELLN401A because the Cert IV LLN unit will become a core in the future.

TAE10 Training Package is once again being revised and will be in the new format. IBSA has the Case for Endorsement at this link: https://www.ibsa.org.au/tae-case-endorsement. The revised Training Package is due to be endorsed in June 2014. You will find the timeline for restructure of IBSA Training Packages at this link: https://www.ibsa.org.au/projects/restructure-training-packages-project/development

IBSA states on its web site that:
“… from July 2014 the current LLN elective in the Certificate IV would move into the core of the qualification. This will have implications for RTOs in delivering the Certificate IV and also for assessors in meeting the skill requirements to assess this qualification.”

There is a very useful booklet entitled “Changes Ahead for VET Trainers and Assessors” at this link: https://www.ibsa.org.au/free/changes-ahead-vet-trainers-and-assessors-report

I have also removed my TAE Diploma resources from sale. They were written over a year ago and I don’t have time to revisit them at this stage. Instead, my next project is BSB40812 Certificate IV in Frontline Management. I’ve completed the core units and have demand for a number of electives.

I plan to take a week off to catch up with my clients and then get stuck into the electives for BSB40812 Certificate IV in Frontline Management. One day I might also have a social life.

The Process of Updating Courseware

Sandy’s blog 26 April 2013

Time has got away with me again I’m afraid.  Kevin has been nagging me for my next blog for weeks but I’ve been so busy with development and training I haven’t had time.

I’m actually in the middle of several projects at once.  Keep trying to prioritise and then receive a call from a client that changes my priorities.

The projects I have on the go are:

Updating TAE40110 courseware and RPL tools:

I want to completely re-vamp my clustered course on a unit by unit basis.  So far I have created Learning Guides and Assessment Tasks (but not finished the RPL tools) for TAEDES401A and TAEDES402A.

I have completed Learning Guides and Assessment Tasks – and the RPL tools for TAELLN401A which was priority, as it will become a core unit in the new version of TAE40110 when it is endorsed.

In the meantime I needed to deliver the course so I took the opportunity to trial these 3 units in the new format and they worked a dream except (and isn’t there always an exception).  Version 1.0 of the TAELLN401A resources was written in March before the new FSK Foundation Skills Training Package was endorsed so I had referred to the case for endorsement in one of the assessment tasks.  Just a week before I delivered the course, FSK Foundation Skills Training Package was endorsed.  So after I finished delivering I changed this assessment task.  I just wish the powers that be wouldn’t change things quite so fast!

For the balance of the TAE40110 delivery I used the rest of the clustered course and it worked fine.

Updating BSB51107 Diploma of Management

Again, I have a clustered course but the OHS unit needed to be replaced with BSBWHS501A Ensure a safe workplace.  I am in process of rewriting the learning guide from scratch.  It will still be one learning guide rather than unit by unit but each section will relate to a single unit – so that it can be broken apart if necessary.  I’m exactly half way through.

Updating BSB40812 Certificate IV in Frontline Management

This clustered course is also out of date and I am developing unit by unit.  I have completed the core units and for the moment am leaving the electives until BSB51107 and TAE40110 are completed.  The demand right now is for the BSB51107 Diploma of Management and BSB40812 Certificate IV in Frontline Management.

Can I just finish with a big thank-you to my existing clients.  I really do appreciate your loyalty.

Sandy Welton

26 April 2013

BSB41412 Cert IV WHS Update

IBSA put out a discussion paper on the proposed changes a couple of weeks ago and since then I’ve been in touch with IBSA to try and find out more.

Originally this qualification was to be endorsed at the end of June.  Then it was delayed to 24 October.  Now the latest date for endorsement is 6 December but we are not holding our breath!

They’ve also changed the code of the qualification.  It’s now BSB41412.  The 5 core units haven’t changed (thank goodness because we’ve already written the learning and assessment resources for these).

The electives are in 2 groups.  3 electives must be selected from Group A and the other 2 may be selected from Group B.  The number of electives is greater than before.

Eddie from IBSA has also sent me a mapping document indicating equivalences for people with BSB41407 Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety.  The qualification is stated as equivalent but not all the units are equivalent, so it looks like a straight credit transfer won’t be possible – which is what we expected and the reason we are putting together RPL tools as well.

In spite of the delays, I still feel that it’s worth devoting our time to this qualification.  There are about 400 RTOs with scope for Cert IV OHS so we believe there should be a huge demand for resources once the qualification is endorsed.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that there won’t be further delays.  Sometimes I wonder whether we wouldn’t all be better off sticking to non-accredited training.

Sandy Welton

29 September 2012

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    So It Begins: Sandy’s Blog

    This is my very first blog on our brand new website and I should start by thanking Kevin Gardner for the wonderful job he has done – not just with the design but the way that he has set up key words so that our site is found easily on a Google search. (Kevin is on our Professional Network page – check the “About” button.) We’ve had a lot of fights about wording though – as the search engine requires us to repeat the key words over and over again – which you may have noticed!

    As a result of Kevin’s expertise and efficiency, we are now receiving enquiries for RTO resources from RTOs who previously didn’t know we existed. The majority of these are for TAE50111 resources and various BSB07 resources but we also expect that, as the new OHS Cert IV – BSB41412 – comes closer to endorsement, I will be receiving many more enquiries about our BSB41412 resources for learning and assessment and RPL. I expect to have all of the units for BSB41412 complete by the projected endorsement date in December. Currently all 5 core units have been completed.

    I am so pleased to see the TAE10 RPL resources finally taking off. The RPL tools for TAE50111 and TAE50211 were completed back in February, when it was first endorsed. Feedback I am now getting is “if only we had known earlier”. Assessors are really liking the “mentored RPL” approach. Assessors are giving feedback that these two Diploma qualifications do not lend themselves to a straight learning and assessment pathway. Unless you are an experienced trainer/assessor currently working in an RTO you have no chance of achieving TAE50111. On the other hand, even if you are an experienced trainer/assessor, you still should be given detailed guidance and support from a qualified assessor.

    As you may have noticed, it’s not possible to just click on a button and buy our RTO resources. I want to talk to you first. My professional standards are very high, and I only want to work with RTOs who have the same level of commitment to quality training and assessment. It’s also necessary to ask questions about how you deliver training and your methods of assessment so that I can determine whether the RTO resources will suit your needs.
    Thank you to all the people who have already contacted me and thank you also to our professional network partners who have helped us in so many ways.


    August 2012

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