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Changes to Training Packages

Changes to Training Packages

The major revision of BSB Business Services Training Package last October has been very disruptive.
For me personally, it means a complete revision of all my resources which is a major and time-consuming project. That’s why I haven’t been near my website for so long. I’ve been flat out and am still nowhere near finished.

In my other role as a lead trainer/assessor for International Teacher Training Academy (ITTA) I have well over 100 remote TAE students current at any one time and supporting them takes up most of my time.
In between, I have to find the time somehow to do a complete review and revision of all of my resources. This includes TAE40116 because I have used BSB qualifications, units of competency in quite a few of the assessment tasks and as examples in some of the learning resources.

It was most frustrating that PwC decided to revise the Diploma of Leadership and Management only one year after they had previously revised it.
BSB50420 – Diploma of Leadership and Management was my first priority. It is stated as equivalent to BSB51918 – Diploma of Leadership and Management. I don’t quite know why it’s stated as equivalent, because there is a brand-new unit added to the core: BSBCRT511 Develop critical thinking in others.

Most of the units are stated as equivalent, so it should have been a simple process to re-map the existing resources to the current units. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out like that, because PwC, in their wisdom, also re-worded the unit content. In some cases, the re-wording actually affected the context and focus of the unit – even though it was stated as equivalent. I still don’t know whether the re-wording was deliberate or just a cosmetic exercise, as I have found the new wording quite vague in many places.

Anyway, I am happy to say that I have completed the development of 12 units for BSB50420. I still need to update the resources for BSBWHS501 Ensure a safe workplace to BSBWHS521 Ensure a safe workplace for a work area.

This has also impacted on the resources for BSB41419 – Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety, because although the WHS coded units have not changed, the electives have. To add insult to injury, some of the WHS coded units refer to the AS/NZS Standards and they have changed since I wrote these resources. This means I need to review and make the necessary revisions to all of the units in the qualification.
I will try and keep you all up-to-date on my progress.

Sandy Welton
0407 131 075

Revising TAE Resources

A New Year – Revising TAE Resources Yet Again

The problem with writing resources for TAE40116 is that the tasks and learning materials need something specific to refer to and use. This means that they contain references to qualifications and units of competency from www.training.gov.au,

Whenever a qualification is superseded, the TAE40116 resources need to be revised so as to remain current. Because I also deliver training in TAE40116 for International Teacher Training Academy, I am seeing the tasks every day – so it jumps out and hits me when something has been revised.

I’ve been storing up the revision work, waiting for some quiet time, and this holiday period has provided it.
The revisions just completed are for:
• TAEASS401 Plan assessment activities and processes
• TAEASS502 Design and develop assessment tools
• TAEDES401 Design and develop learning programs
• TAEDES402 Use training packages and accredited courses to meet client needs
At the same time, this gave me an opportunity to make improvements, based on my experience of training and assessing TAE40116.

The most extensive changes were to TAEASS502. In fact, I am now on Version 5.0 of this unit. This is a difficult unit for the student. I think I have now managed to create a structure for the assessment tasks which gives excellent guidance. For each of the 3 assessment tools the candidate is required to complete, I have a 3-part task.

Part A is to plan the tool, and here I have provided very detailed instructions in a step-by-step approach. The candidate must submit Part A for feedback before continuing. This is so that they don’t compound any errors by moving on – and then have to waste time going back.

Part B is the Assessor Guide. A template is provided and, provided Part A was satisfactory, it’s just a matter of copying and pasting from Part A to the Assessor Guide. Again, the candidate should seek feedback before continuing. Part C is the Candidate Guide, which is a case of copying from the Assessor Guide and deleting the information for the assessor.

I really think I have nailed it this time.

Wishing everybody a very happy and successful 2020.

Sandy Welton
0407 131 075

Resources for BSB41419 WHS

Resources for BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety

Go to Resources Page (Click Here)

I wasn’t going to update my BSB41415 resources to this new qualification because I was concerned about the selection of Group A units.

The packaging rules require a minimum of 3 units from Group A, and only two of these were sufficiently generic and appropriate for the role of a WHS Coordinator.

This is a BSB Business Services qualification and should be generic, but the unit selection leads me to think PwC must have consulted only with representatives of mining and high-risk industries. I tried to get PwC to change this, but was not successful.

Nevertheless, for some of my RTO clients, BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety is core business for them, so they have to find a way to make it work. After discussion with my clients we came to a decision as follows:
Group A
• BSBRES411 Analyse and present research information – generic
• BSBWHS417 Assist with managing WHS implications of return to work – generic
• BSBWHS418 Assist with managing WHS compliance of contractors – not generic but possible
• BSBWHS419 Contribute to implementing WHS monitoring processes – not generic – very specific and high-risk
• BSBWHS431 Develop processes and procedures for controlling hazardous chemicals in the workplace – not generic – very specific and high-risk
• BSBWRT401 Write complex documents – generic but far too academic for the work role and target group

Therefore, I have undertaken a review, and in most cases a complete re-write of my previous resources. I have also created resources for BSBWHS418 Assist with managing WHS compliance of contractors.

The resources still use the same structure, which has proved very successful. The course is based upon the candidate being one of the WHS Coordinators for a civil construction company called Australia-Wide Construction. Since most people at least know what construction looks like, this gives me sufficient scope to design simulated workplace tasks.

The course is still best delivered and assessed in face-to-face workshops, but will work well with a blended approach, incorporating on-line learning and assessment.

Go to Resources Page (Click Here)

Sandy Welton
0407 131 075

Quality of VET Training

We have seen many changes in the past few years, but very little actual improvement. It was hoped with ASQA taking a national role in policing quality of training that they would target and de-register those RTOs who are only interested in making money. I have just attended the ASQA briefing and it was interesting that, in spite of talking for nearly 2 hours, David Garner didn’t address the “elephant in the room”.

The quality of VET training depends upon two things: the expertise and quality of the trainers and ASQA’s role in ensuring poor quality RTOs are targeted and either de-registered or rectify their practices.

It was said (but not by me) that TAE40110 was to blame for poor training and assessment practices. When it was replaced with TAE40116, all RTOs were required to undertake a complex and time-consuming application for scope. ASQA couldn’t cope with this and, as a result, many months went by before any RTOs were awarded scope.

Despite this, there are now RTOs with scope for TAE40116 who are well-known to be focused on making money rather than providing quality training. We know who they are but for some reason it appears ASQA doesn’t. How could they have been approved for scope? Most RTOs want to do the right thing, but they can’t compete with RTOs who are advertising TAE40116 for less than $1,000. There is no way the qualification can be delivered at this price.

I decided to take on some training for TAE Cert IV and Diploma and at the moment have over 100 students enrolled with International Teacher Training Academy. My reason was to discover how my resources (and the evidence requirements of the qualification) worked in practice. Clearly, this qualification is not fit for purpose. It is an entry-level qualification which permits a trainer to work in an RTO delivering and assessing nationally recognised qualifications and skill sets but the requirements are well above entry-level.

There are also some ridiculous evidence requirements. Imagine you are not yet employed by an RTO. You have been offered a job but first you need TAE40116. It will take you a year in most cases and by that time the job has gone. Also, some evidence requirements cannot be achieved unless you are working in an RTO. Take TAEASS402. It requires you to conduct 5 assessments of a full unit of competency under the supervision of a qualified trainer/assessor. The candidates for assessment must be “real VET learners”. This is Catch-22. You can’t provide the evidence except in an RTO. You can’t work in an RTO unless you hold TAE40116.

The other main problem is that TAEASS502 Design and Develop Assessment Tools is now a core unit. This is a Diploma level unit. If you are working in an RTO and hold TAE40110 then, as at 1 July this year you are out of a job unless you also hold TAEASS502 and TAELLN411. Let’s assume you train apprentices in carpentry at TAFE. You don’t use computers to create complex documents. Nor are you an academic. Nevertheless, somehow or other you need to plan, design, develop, trial and review 3 different assessment tools for 3 full units of competency – one being RPL.

I have spoken to my local MP who promises that the Minister for VET will contact me directly. Hopefully this will happen, because so far, every letter I have written to the numerous VET Ministers in the past has been answered by a bureaucrat. I doubt the letter was even read by the Minister.

Hope springs eternal. I’m not giving up.

Sandy Welton
0407 131 075

Changes to the BSB Training Package

BSB Training Package Changes

PwC has made changes to a number of qualifications in the BSB Business Services Training Package.  These have come out of the blue.  I know that PwC asked for submissions and consultation earlier in the year but in the past the ISCs used to release the draft qualification and units prior to actually putting them up for endorsement, so that RTOs had time to prepare for the change.

This didn’t happen.  The first I knew was today when I received the notification from training.gov.au.  So now it will be a mad scramble to revise everything.


My concern is with 2 qualifications in particular:

BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management – now BSB51918 (Release 1).  An equivalent qualification and the main changes are to:

  • Develop and use emotional intelligence (now BSBLDR511) and
  • Communicate with influence (now BSBLDR513).

These 2 units will be my priority to update.  There is also a Release 2.0 of BSBCUS501 but it’s just a minor change to the assessment conditions.  With the other units, PwC still has the old assessment conditions which is probably an oversight.


BSB41415 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety (Release 3).  Again equivalent to the previous release.

  • Analyse and present research information (now BSBRES411) has been changed, so that will be my next step.

The only other change is to update the codes for TAEASS301 and TAEDEL301 so that they are current.  I already have these 2 units.


Sandy Welton


0407 131 075

Accredited versus Non-Accredited Training

Option of Non-Accredited Training

Where does the time go? I haven’t done a blog since last May so it’s definitely time.

I have been slow on the development front because I am now providing TAE training and assessment for International Teacher Training Academy as well as my normal work. I’m really enjoying this, as it gives me lots of interaction with the trainees as well as all the girls at ITTA.

My other project is to focus on non-accredited training – one-day workshops for employers in my area (which is Toowoomba). So far this is in its early stages but being very well-received. It’s also fun for me because I get to deliver face to face training. I’ve also been setting up and facilitating Action Learning sets and am really impressed by the difference Action Learning can make for an organisation.

My reason for focusing on non-accredited training has a lot to do with the problems RTOs are facing trying to operate in this increasingly complex and convoluted system, where the goalposts keep moving and nobody actually knows where the goalposts are. Add the negative media reports and the government attitude that it’s all somebody else’s fault and nothing to do with them, and many RTOs are thinking about other options.

So this is why I’m trying out a new approach in my own back-yard. If it proves successful in such a small area, then it’s something that my clients in other areas may wish to try too. In that case, I might add another page to my website with resources for non-accredited training.

Sandy Welton
0407 131 075

The Search For Specialist LLN Practitioners

Skill Set for LLN Practitioners?

I must admit I hadn’t even noticed there was an LLN skill set until a client told me.

It is TAESS00009 – Address Foundation Skills in Vocational Practice Skill Set, with 3 units:
• TAELLN411 Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills
• TAELLN412 Access resources and support to address foundation skills in vocational practice
• TAELLN413 Integrate foundation skills into vocational training delivery

So this is my current project and I am finding it challenging but will get there. About half way through so far.
Of course I already have resources for TAELLN411 because it’s a core unit in TAE40116, so I only need to develop the other two units.

The first thought was to cluster all three units together, but it’s very likely people will already hold TAELLN411, so it makes sense to leave this unit out of the cluster.
TAELLN412 and TAELLN413 really do need to be clustered though. There’s an awful lot of overlap – a lot more than I’ve seen in other units of competency.

Incidentally, these units both require the candidate to demonstrate consulting / collaborating with “specialist LLN practitioners” – so I went looking for definitions and discovered there aren’t any.

The advice I received from PwC is:
“In short, because there is no single definition of a specialist LLN practitioner, foundation skills delivery requires a diversity of practitioners from multiple fields of expertise and many niche areas of specialisation. Adult language, literacy and numeracy skills development is provided by a range of training organisations in vocational education settings, workplaces and the community.”
Apart from a couple of advanced diplomas, there’s no specialist LLN qualification, so I have suggested to PwC that they consider whether this skill set may fulfil that role.

Sandy Welton
0407 131 075

TAE Resources ASQA approved

TAE40116 and TAE50116 ASQA Approved

Yesterday I received a call from Carolyn Fletcher of International Teacher Training Academy. She was almost incoherent with delight that at last ASQA has approved ITTA for scope for TAE40116 and TAE50116.

I’ve worked closely with ITTA since Carolyn started her RTO and have always been impressed with the professionalism, knowledge and passion for quality shown by Carolyn and her girls. I’ve relied heavily on their input and feedback during development of the TAE resources and don’t think I would have even attempted this mammoth task without their support.

Even though my web site has shown the resources were available for purchase, in fact I have been discouraging people from buying them and recommending that they wait until we knew the resources would pass audit.

ITTA is so thorough in their systems, compliance, quality standards and audit record (consistently compliant) that they just had to pass. Another advantage was their small scope. Their core business is TAE and the only other qualification they offer is BSB51915 Diploma of leadership and management (also using my resources).

So if there were rectifications for ITTA, they were likely to relate to the resources rather than the compliance systems and history of the RTO. As it turns out, I was right. There were rectifications required and although they were minor, it took me a whole week working with Carolyn to do the rectifications, because everything is interrelated so everything needed re-visiting.

So now I am able to market my TAE40116 and TAE50116 resources with a clear conscience. Please call or email me if you are interested.

Sandy Welton
0407 131 075

No TAE40116 Approvals

The more things change – the more they stay the same.

I notice that to date not a single RTO has been approved for scope for TAE40116, the new Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, even though it was released in April this year. The same applies for TAE50116 the Diploma of VET.

My gut feeling is that ASQA is sitting on the small private RTO applications unless they are non-compliant, because I know of RTOs who applied months ago and have heard nothing. On the other hand, I understand scope has been refused to a number of RTOs.

It will be interesting if ASQA is waiting for the TAFEs to apply, and I hope that’s not the case because TAFEs are large bureaucratic organisations and it seems likely they will have trouble getting together all of the required evidence for submission.

In the meantime I have been developing resources for TAE50116 which of course will cross over to TAE50216 the Diploma of Training Design and Development. I’m a significant way through this development and have updated my list of units to reflect this. (You can download the list from this site.)

Those who are canny, and want TAE50116 will probably apply for TAE50216 and select units that cross over. That way, as soon as somebody has scope for TAE50116 they will be able to credit transfer.

I’m expecting there will be a demand for the Diploma for several reasons. Firstly, anyone who delivers TAE40116 must have the Diploma. Secondly, there is no entry requirement for the Diploma and it doesn’t seem to change nearly so frequently as the Cert IV, so there will be people who hope to bypass the Cert IV and go straight to the Diploma.

I (and some of my colleagues) have recommended to PwC that this problem should be looked into. My clients would not accept a candidate for a TAE Diploma unless they have significant experience and hold either TAE40110 or TAE40116, but this is not spelled out. The only way to ensure there is an entry level is to make the statement in the qualification.

In the meantime we are in limbo. No doubt ASQA will be so busy reviewing new applications for scope they will have little time (or perhaps inclination) to concentrate on RTOs delivering TAE40110 for knock-down prices and short time frames. Since there is an 18 month teach-out period, this means we will continue to see people who hold the qualification but are not really qualified.

Sandy Welton

TAE40116 and the Enterprise Trainer

Well, resource development for TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is moving along.

I’ve completed the resources for learning and assessment pathways and RPL tools for:
• TAEASS502 Design and develop assessment tools
• TAEASS401 Plan assessment activities and processes
• TAEASS402 Assess competence
• TAEASS403 Participate in assessment validation
• TAEDES401 Design and develop learning programs
• TAEDES402 Use training packages and accredited courses to meet client needs

The more I look at these units, the more I become concerned about TAE40116 requirements. It’s patently clear now that this qualification is no longer “entry level” – particularly since TAEASS502 has been added to the core.

I wonder if, when the AISC approved this change, they read the Application of TAEASS502.

“It applies to experienced practitioners responsible for the development and/or delivery of training and assessment products and services.”
I am still continuing a dialogue with PwC and this is one of the points I will raise at the webinar on 20 July. So far PwC have been very responsive and positive, so I am optimistic that in the end sense will prevail.

One of my strongest suggestions will be for a brand new qualification for entry level trainers who work in enterprise and industry rather than an RTO. Employers often insist on them having TAE40110 or equivalent simply because there is no other qualification – and they don’t want the skill sets.

TAE40116 includes the two Design Sector units, which are only slightly relevant to enterprise trainers. They may have to plan a learning program but they don’t need to unpack a qualification or analyse units of competency.

The LLN unit requires analysis of the ACSF, which I think is inappropriate for an enterprise trainer. They need the DEL units and particularly I think TAEDEL402 Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace. TAEDEL404 Mentor in the workplace is appropriate too.

Enterprise trainers often need to sign off on competency, but this is a completely different process and needs a unit of competency focused on assessment in an enterprise context.
Whatever the response from PwC, I’m expecting we will have to live with TAE40116 for quite a while longer – so I will keep on with development of the resources.

Sandy Welton

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