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Latest on Replacing TAE40110 Cert IV

This is the link to an ASQA media release on 1 April:

And this is the link to the AISC media release on 1 April

So it looks as though the new TAE Cert IV is likely to appear on www.training.gov.au any day now.

In spite of all the consultation with VET professionals and IBSA’s recommendation to enhance the 3 current core assessment sector units, the AISC has accepted ASQA’s recommendation to add TAEASS502 Develop Assessment Tools to the core.

I’m definitely not in favour of this approach. The TAE Cert IV is stated as an entry-level qualification and, as such, should not include a Diploma level unit of such difficulty in the core. As a practising lead trainer/assessor and experienced instructional designer, I know that it takes a lot of expertise to develop a full assessment tool.

It’s also something that few trainer/assessors are required to do as part of their job.

All RTOs will need to re-apply for scope for the new TAE – so I expect they will change the code and it won’t be TAE40116. ASQA says there will be new, more stringent, requirements.

No doubt it will take months between the application for scope and approval, and at this stage I have no idea what RTOs will do in the meantime.

All we can do is wait and see what will happen next.

Sandy Welton

TAE40110 and BSB50615 Update

TAE40110 Resources

Well the AISC didn’t endorse TAE40116 in February and it’s anybody’s guess when it will be endorsed.

I’ve not bothered to update my web page for TAE resources because it’s been so much in flux there was no point. However, I have been receiving a number of requests, and have supplied the resources half price.
Why half price TAE40110 resources? Well, because it’s a bit of a risk buying them at all when we don’t know what’s happening. Also, the VET system changes so fast that as soon as you buy them they need revision!

I have revised the two DES units. I did this in December so they are reasonably up-to-date, apart from the fact that we now have SSO’s instead of ISC’s. I also reviewed and improved TAEDEL401A, TAEDEL402A and TAEDEL301A. The ASS units don’t really need revision, TAELLN411 is OK and so is TAEDEL404A. The RPL tools have not been revised but they should be OK. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t feel happy actively marketing these resources at full price.

BSB50615 Diploma of HR Management

This is my next project. I have only completed BSBHRM512 Develop and manage performance management processes so far and am now working on BSBHRM506 Manage recruitment selection and induction processes.

They won’t appear on the web site until I have developed all of the core, but it’s gratifying that so many of my existing clients say that they want to buy it when completed. Most of the electives for BSB50615 overlap with BSB51915 Diploma of leadership and management, so once I have the core completed, there will be a full set of resources that meets the packaging rules.

It’s taken me a bit out of my comfort zone and entailed a lot of research. I’m amazed to discover how “fluffy” most of the textbooks are. To my way of thinking, trainees need cut and dried clarity. Development of the assessment tasks is particularly difficult and requires a lot of simulated workplace activities. Of course, if the trainee is in the workplace and can demonstrate performance with real work, then I expect the trainer to substitute the task. That’s one of the reasons they are Word documents in the first place.

Sandy Welton

What’s happening with the TAE?

I’ve been doing my best not only to keep up with the twists and turns of this saga, but also try in my own small way to influence the outcome towards a bit of common sense.
You will see details of the status quo, as I understand it, on my web page for TAE40110. [link]

At the beginning of the year I had a meeting with Ian MacFarlane who, at the time, had just lost the portfolio for VET (when I made the appointment he was still the Minister). This was a wide ranging discussion focused on doing something about the quality of VET training and assessment. My colleagues with a stake in this have also been pushing for reform. I’ve received a letter in response from Simon Birmingham that was very long but didn’t actually say anything concrete about what will be done. We’ve also made a proposal to IBSA in relation to proposed changes to the TAE Cert IV. Another of my colleagues has also written to the current Minister.

As we all know, there are two types of RTO – those who are committed to quality and the “tick and flick cowboys”. Unfortunately, this situation will continue until ASQA steps up and targets those who are offering qualifications in ridiculously short time frames for knock-down prices. The quality RTOs simply can’t compete. As I have said on a number of occasions, it’s not exactly rocket science. All that ASQA needs to do is a Google search to find them. Then target these RTOs for audit. A Senate Committee report noted the problems and recommended additional funding and powers for ASQA. I don’t see how throwing more public money at the problem will resolve it and ASQA already has power to de-register RTOs.

However, ASQA has decided the problem is the wording of the TAE qualification and units. They want it beefed up because trainer/assessors don’t properly understand or use assessment tools. Hence, IBSA has been instructed to make further changes to the draft TAE Cert IV. As a result, it’s pretty unlikely to be endorsed this year.

There’s no doubt that the standard of training and assessment of TAE40110 is a major cause of lack of quality, as it is the foundation for all training and assessment practices. The question is, will changing the qualification change the practice? Not in my opinion. The only way to deal with tick and flick practice is to police it properly.

My take? Let’s get the new qualification endorsed so as to remove the confusion and frustration. At the same time, ASQA, why don’t you target those RTOs offering TAE40110 in 3 to 5 days? Make the RTO justify how they can achieve any kind of learning outcome in such a short time frame. If ASQA starts with the TAE, it will be dealing with the problem at its source.

Sandy Welton

TAE40114 Development

Ongoing Development of TAE40114

The new qualification has still not been endorsed. However, I have sourced draft units and am now in development mode — hopefully so that it is ready by the endorsement date.

This is a complete re-write for me. Although the unit requirements have not really changed much, the VET system has changed dramatically, so the content of learning and assessment will need review.

I’m looking for feedback on the best approach to this. I’ve actually rewritten the Design units and just run this with a group, which gave me an opportunity to trial it with real learners. That was very helpful and given me lots of ideas for improvement.

One of the problems with this qualification is that clients want to achieve it in the shortest time possible, and of course normally for a Cert IV qualification we would expect a 6 month to 1 year timeframe. Currently I’m delivering TAE over one month with 9 days of workshops.

The objective is to do as much as possible of the assessment work during the workshop, so I’m getting my trainees to do research prior to each workshop so as to minimise the “homework”. That is working well but I am looking for even more ways to give a definitive structure and achievable timeframe without compromising the evidence requirements.

I’ve also just delivered the assessor skill set to a group, contextualised for a mining company. In order to achieve this within a short time frame, I decided to take the holistic assessment approach — clustering the 3 units. That worked really well.

On this basis, I am looking at holistic learning and assessment for the full TAE. Obviously the electives and TAELLN411 will still need to be stand-alone. However, the resources can be clustered in 3 sectors, Design, Assessment and Delivery. This goes back to the approach I originally used when developing TAA resources in the past.

The main concerns I still have are in providing the following evidence:

Assessment requirements for TAEASS402 Assess competence:

  • Gather evidence to demonstrate consistent performance in a real assessment environment

This indicates that we can’t use a realistic simulated environment.

Assessment requirements for TAEDEL401 Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning

  • facilitating group-based learning by preparing and delivering at least three training sessions, including:
    • at least two consecutive sessions of at least 40 minutes duration, that follow one of the learning program designs, to a learner group of at least eight individuals
    • at least one session delivered to a different learner group of at least eight individuals, with evidence of how the characteristics and needs of this group were addressed

At the moment I am struggling with how this can be achieved. Unless the candidate is currently working in a training role they will not have access to 2 different groups of at least 8 VET learners.


Since the Cert IV TAE is essentially a “licence to practice” in VET, candidates need to hold it before they can deliver training in an RTO.

Many people also need the qualification in order to apply for positions as enterprise trainers.

I welcome suggestions and comments.


Sandy Welton

Clarifying the TAELLN401A and TAELLN411 Issue


If you are a member of LinkedIn you will see there has been a lot of discussion about the LLN unit for TAE – what’s superseded – what we can deliver – whether RTOs need to apply for scope if they want to deliver TAELLN411.

I had one of my RTO clients phone in a panic because they had received notification that they needed to apply for scope if they were intending to deliver TAELLN411.  This client had purchased my TAE40110 current course including TAELLN401A and when they looked on training.gov.au it said it was superseded by TAELLN411.

I’ve spent considerable time researching this and asking people in the know.  The outcome (at the moment until we get a specific directive) is as follows:

  • If you are delivering TAELLN401A as part of TAE40110, continue to do so.  Firstly, it is still included as an elective in the packaging rules for TAE40110.  Secondly, there’s the 12 month teach out period to cover you.
  • Advise your trainees to apply for credit transfer as soon as the new TAE qualification is released in July next year.  TAELLN401A is stated as equivalent to TAELLN411.

I have not developed TAELLN411.  If you are looking for resources in this unit please contact Chemène Sinson of Blackwater Projects.  She has developed this unit.


TAESS00006 – Workplace Supervisor Skill Set

I am receiving requests from existing clients for this skill set.  It appears that it is very popular with the mining industry.

I have already developed:

  • TAEASS301B Contribute to assessment – as an elective in BSB41412 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety
  • TAEDEL301A Provide work skill instruction – as an elective in TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

At this stage I haven’t developed the third unit: TAEDEL404A Mentor in the workplace but now plan to do so.  I will also need to “tweak” TAEASS301B and TAEDEL301A so that they focus on workplace supervisors but that won’t take long.

As always, my priorities keep changing in response to client demand.  I just wish I had 10 pairs of hands.  I am part way through BSBLED501A Develop a workplace learning environment but have decided to halt development on this unit for the time being, since most demand is for the TAESS00006 Skill Set.

To tell the truth, I am finding it difficult to be motivated to finish BSBLED501A.  Maybe it’s all the interruptions or maybe I just can’t raise the enthusiasm for the unit content and need a change of direction for a while.

I really want to get back to the BSB40812 Frontline Management electives.  I’m told that the most important elective to develop in FLM is BSBWOR401A Establish effective workplace relations.  It seems this is another one that is loved by the mining industry.

Thank you to all my new clients who have recently come on board (as well as to those loyal clients who keep coming back to me).  It gives me a real boost when a client comes back to me because they like what they have already purchased and want more of the same.

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    TAE and BSB Updates

    Sometimes I get so busy with writing resources that when I’ve finished I forget to tell anyone they are done. I’m finding myself more and more driven by the priorities of my existing RTO clients – and as far as I’m concerned that’s how it should be.
    The following is a summary of the current status.

    TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

    The primary priority was TAELLN401A – the Language Literacy and Numeracy unit for TAE40110. All of my clients who were delivering TAE40110 wanted to offer this unit, since the LLN unit will become a core in the new version of TAE. I developed the first set of resources for TAELLN401A in July and it’s now on Version 3.0 after having delivered it several times myself and received feedback from my RTO clients.
    There’s been a lot of discussion on LinkedIn about the confusion we are experiencing with regard to the new requirements for trainers and assessors and what RTOs should offer. I’ve also been in contact with Chemene Sinson who, as far as I am concerned, is my only real competitor in the area of TAE development. We’ve put our heads together and worked out:
    • Currently IBSA says migration to the new training package will take place in June 2014. Here’s the link https://www.ibsa.org.au/projects/tae-embedding-new-requirements/tae-embedding-preparation
    • TAELLN411 will be the core unit in the new TAE qualification and is already released on www.training.gov.au. It supersedes and is equivalent to TAELLN401A so we can credit transfer.
    • It’s appropriate to keep delivering TAELLN401A until June next year.
    Chemene is working on development of TAELLN411 and I have already developed TAELLN401A. I am not sure that I will develop resources for the new qualification at all. I am getting really tired of the constant changes to the VET system that require a complete re-write of the resources every time.

    BSB51107 Diploma of Management

    Release 4 of this qualification had two changes to the packaging rules:
    • BSBWHS501A Ensure a safe workplace – replacing BSBOHS509A Ensure a safe workplace
    • BSBPMG522A Undertake project work – replacing BSBPMG510A Manage projects
    I decided to do a complete re-write of my old clustered course and completed these resources in June. This time around I developed the assessment tools on a unit by unit basis rather than clustering them. My own experience in delivering BSB51107 indicated that this was more effective as it gave the trainees more structure and a regular sense of achievement when one unit was completed. The learning guide, however, remained as a single document. Analysing the units there were so many overlaps that it seemed logical at the time.
    I have now finished breaking up the learning guide into individual units after discussion with my RTO clients. There were two main reasons for this:
    • My clients like the format that I used for BSB41412 and BSB40812 resources. They say that the trainees and the trainers love the format.
    • A unit by unit approach gives versatility of choice of electives.
    So now I’ve completed the 8 units for BSB51107 and have demand for 2 more, namely
    • BSBMGT516C Facilitate continuous improvement; and
    • BSBLED501A Develop a workplace learning environment
    I have just started work on BSBMGT516C and will follow with BSBLED501A.

    BSB40812 Certificate IV in Frontline Management

    My client RTOs are telling me that this qualification sits well with BSB41412 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety. There is quite a lot of cross-over of units in the packaging rules and the skills and knowledge required go hand in hand.
    I have completed the core units for BSB40812 and a couple of electives and as soon as I can will be developing further electives. This is a high priority as I am receiving enquiries all the time for frontline management resources.

    BSB41412 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety

    Demand remains high and now that many of my RTOs have used the resources, undertaken validation and in some cases audit, I have some solid feedback that indicates they are going brilliantly.
    Feedback from Western Australia has been particularly useful. The harmonised WHS legislation has not been adopted in WA and when I wrote the resources I struggled with how to ensure that they were appropriate throughout Australia.
    One of my clients in WA has been particularly helpful. Their clients are all in the mining industry but they considered the simulated workplace based upon commercial construction worked well, as the construction based activities also applied to the mining environment. This RTO modified the resources to incorporate mining legislative requirements and said that it was easy to do so.
    Incidentally, I have received a number of enquiries for RPL tools for the emergency procedures unit PUAWER002B. I didn’t feel competent to write these because they need to be benchmarked in a highly contextualised manner. I have written the RPL tools without benchmarking. One of my clients offered to benchmark them for me but they haven’t got back to me. If any of my existing clients would like the tools in their raw form so they can add the benchmarking I am happy to email the documents without charge.

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      TAE40110 and BSB51107 resources completed

      In my last blog I said that I was working on the BSB51107 resources. I did in fact finish them and then went straight on to finalising the resources for TAE40110, forgetting to tell anyone that the BSB51107 resources were all finished!

      BSB51107 Diploma of Management has two changes. The core OHS unit is replaced with the unit BSBWHS501A and Manage Projects is now BSBPMG511A Undertake Project Work.

      I decided to re-write the course from scratch. Having delivered my previous clustered Diploma of Management course over a period of time I decided that clustering of assessment is not the best approach. For this reason, each of the units now has separate assessment tools. The Learning Guide remains a single document. This is mainly because four units require in-depth knowledge of legislative requirements – so I’ve created a separate chapter dealing with legislation in detail, and then designed assessment tasks for each unit that focus on legislation as it applies to the unit.

      BSBMGT502B Manage people performance, BSBMGT515A Manage operational plan and to a lesser extent BSBWOR502B Ensure team effectiveness all require competency in developing operational/work plans and KPIs for a team. Each of these units has a separate chapter in the Learning Guide which could stand alone. However, the knowledge gained in previous chapters is useful for those that follow, so ideally the learning guide should be treated as a single entity.

      I’m encouraging my client RTOs to avoid the trap of offering a plethora of electives. For one thing, BSB07 Business Services Training Package states that the trainer/assessor must hold the actual unit or equivalent – so it’s important that your training and assessment strategy aligns with the competencies of your trainers. For another, at Diploma level a flow of learning with units that have a logical relationship is much more appropriate in my opinion.

      Now on to TAE40110. This qualification is a minefield. It’s so important to get it 100% because it is the key qualification that underpins everything we do in the VET sector. My old clustered course is now history. I have created unit by unit resources. Also, before I was prepared to release them I wanted to trial them myself. I have now used them for two groups with great success. This time I’ve included TAELLN401A because the Cert IV LLN unit will become a core in the future.

      TAE10 Training Package is once again being revised and will be in the new format. IBSA has the Case for Endorsement at this link: https://www.ibsa.org.au/tae-case-endorsement. The revised Training Package is due to be endorsed in June 2014. You will find the timeline for restructure of IBSA Training Packages at this link: https://www.ibsa.org.au/projects/restructure-training-packages-project/development

      IBSA states on its web site that:
      “… from July 2014 the current LLN elective in the Certificate IV would move into the core of the qualification. This will have implications for RTOs in delivering the Certificate IV and also for assessors in meeting the skill requirements to assess this qualification.”

      There is a very useful booklet entitled “Changes Ahead for VET Trainers and Assessors” at this link: https://www.ibsa.org.au/free/changes-ahead-vet-trainers-and-assessors-report

      I have also removed my TAE Diploma resources from sale. They were written over a year ago and I don’t have time to revisit them at this stage. Instead, my next project is BSB40812 Certificate IV in Frontline Management. I’ve completed the core units and have demand for a number of electives.

      I plan to take a week off to catch up with my clients and then get stuck into the electives for BSB40812 Certificate IV in Frontline Management. One day I might also have a social life.

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