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Changes to Training Packages

Changes to Training Packages

The major revision of BSB Business Services Training Package last October has been very disruptive.
For me personally, it means a complete revision of all my resources which is a major and time-consuming project. That’s why I haven’t been near my website for so long. I’ve been flat out and am still nowhere near finished.

In my other role as a lead trainer/assessor for International Teacher Training Academy (ITTA) I have well over 100 remote TAE students current at any one time and supporting them takes up most of my time.
In between, I have to find the time somehow to do a complete review and revision of all of my resources. This includes TAE40116 because I have used BSB qualifications, units of competency in quite a few of the assessment tasks and as examples in some of the learning resources.

It was most frustrating that PwC decided to revise the Diploma of Leadership and Management only one year after they had previously revised it.
BSB50420 – Diploma of Leadership and Management was my first priority. It is stated as equivalent to BSB51918 – Diploma of Leadership and Management. I don’t quite know why it’s stated as equivalent, because there is a brand-new unit added to the core: BSBCRT511 Develop critical thinking in others.

Most of the units are stated as equivalent, so it should have been a simple process to re-map the existing resources to the current units. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out like that, because PwC, in their wisdom, also re-worded the unit content. In some cases, the re-wording actually affected the context and focus of the unit – even though it was stated as equivalent. I still don’t know whether the re-wording was deliberate or just a cosmetic exercise, as I have found the new wording quite vague in many places.

Anyway, I am happy to say that I have completed the development of 12 units for BSB50420. I still need to update the resources for BSBWHS501 Ensure a safe workplace to BSBWHS521 Ensure a safe workplace for a work area.

This has also impacted on the resources for BSB41419 – Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety, because although the WHS coded units have not changed, the electives have. To add insult to injury, some of the WHS coded units refer to the AS/NZS Standards and they have changed since I wrote these resources. This means I need to review and make the necessary revisions to all of the units in the qualification.
I will try and keep you all up-to-date on my progress.

Sandy Welton
0407 131 075

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