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Completed BSB51107- TAE40110 Next

It’s 6 weeks since my last blog and I must admit it’s just as long since I had a chance to come up for air and look at what’s going on in RTO World. I have completed BSB51107 Diploma of Management in the new format and my current project (nearly completed) is TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

For BSB51107 I have learned from experience in delivering the qualification myself as well as from the feedback from my client RTOs. The new structure gives a lot more versatility because the assessments are not clustered. They are separate documents. The Learning Guide is a single document in a logical learning flow. That’s because there are overlaps between the units. Legislative requirements are covered in the first chapter because they apply to several of the units. For the rest of the Learning Guide there is one chapter per unit. My head right now is with TAE40110.

Since commencing development of the new resources to replace my old clustered course, I have delivered the course twice using some portion of the new resources. That involved a rather complex balancing act, as I needed to use the previous clustered TAE40110 course for the units I had not yet developed. However, it gave me a brilliant opportunity to trial the new resources and compare how they were received by the trainees in comparison with the clustered course. I should have everything ready to go in 2 weeks. My idea for this new version of TAE40110 resources is to enhance the versatility.

In an ideal world we would always choose a face to face workshop training environment as it enhances the learning outcome through discussion, informal questioning and sharing of experience. However we are in the real world and this is not always possible. The new courseware can be given to the trainee to work through self-paced with remote trainer support.

The problem with TAE40110 is that a Certificate IV qualification should take between 6 to 12 months, whereas the demand is to achieve it in the shortest possible time frame. I am delivering this qualification over 3 weeks (8 days) and that’s only possible because my RTO conducts a stringent training needs analysis. All my trainees are at least Cert IV level in their area of expertise when they walk in the door and they all have experience of delivering training.

I am requiring the learning materials to be read prior to the day of the workshop. This enables most of the assessment activities to be achieved during the workshops and works a treat. There is still some homework and trainees are warned ahead of time to cancel their social life for the 3 weeks of the course, but at the end of the 3 week course they can submit a complete evidence portfolio. This is proving to be a big selling point.

For my client RTOs who are waiting for more units in BSB40812 Certificate IV in Frontline Management, I am hoping to start these in 2 weeks. At the moment I have all of the core units completed plus the sustainability unit (which I only needed to “tweak” from the version I developed for BSB41412 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety).

As you can see, I am “flat out like a lizard drinking”. If there are any experienced instructional designers who can develop quality resources please don’t hesitate contact me. I have a list of requests as long as your arm.

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