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Demand is High for BSB41412 (Cert IV WHS)

Well it certainly appears that there are a lot of RTOs who are interested in delivering the new BSB41412 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety.

Yesterday there were over 100 hits on our web site and I received numerous phone calls from RTOs all over Australia.

I thought I would summarise some of the questions that the RTOs asked.  The first question related to time frame.  When is BSB41412 going to be up on www.training.gov.au?  I can only give the answer Eddie Hardman from IBSA gave me, as follows:

BSB41412 went to the NSSC for endorsement on 6 December.  Eddie says he is 110% certain it will be endorsed with no changes, since the draft units have gone through a lengthy and detailed approval process.  He says that BSB07 Business Services Training Package version 7 is already on training.gov.au, but it is hidden until he receives the paperwork from the NSSC.  Then he says it’s just a case of “pressing a button” to make it viewable on the site.  He envisages no more than a couple of weeks.

Several RTOs asked about equivalence with BSB41407.  Where there were 9 units previously there are now 10 – 5 core and 5 electives.  While BSB41407 is stated as equivalent to BSB41412, there are only 2 units that are stated as equivalent.  In other words you won’t be able to do a straight credit transfer.  It will need to be RPL.  This is the reason we have created simple, streamlined RPL tools that have a matrix at the back of the Assessor Guide, showing equivalence to units from BSB41407.  Where the full unit is equivalent, this is stated in the matrix.  I have also mapped all of the performance criteria, required knowledge and skills individually and this is also stated in the mapping matrix at the end of the Assessor Guide.

In answer to the question “will we need to apply for scope”?  It is my understanding that you will.  This is a new qualification so we can assume that the normal process of application applies.  With regard to continuing to deliver BSB41407, I am sure there will be a teach-out period as usual.  This is something to check with your registration body.

I was also asked whether there will be a new Diploma of WHS.  The answer is that all of the WHS levels will change.  There are a number of other qualifications that have also changed in this version of BSB07 so I suggest that if you haven’t done so it would be a good idea to visit the IBSA website.  All the information together with the qualifications and units can be accessed from the site.  This is the link: http://www.ibsa.org.au/training-packages/case-for-endorsement/bsb07-v7-case-for-endorsement.aspx.

You can download the case for endorsement on this web page and it lists all of the new qualifications and units and also clarifies equivalences.

Sandy Welton

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