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Latest on Replacing TAE40110 Cert IV

This is the link to an ASQA media release on 1 April:

And this is the link to the AISC media release on 1 April

So it looks as though the new TAE Cert IV is likely to appear on www.training.gov.au any day now.

In spite of all the consultation with VET professionals and IBSA’s recommendation to enhance the 3 current core assessment sector units, the AISC has accepted ASQA’s recommendation to add TAEASS502 Develop Assessment Tools to the core.

I’m definitely not in favour of this approach. The TAE Cert IV is stated as an entry-level qualification and, as such, should not include a Diploma level unit of such difficulty in the core. As a practising lead trainer/assessor and experienced instructional designer, I know that it takes a lot of expertise to develop a full assessment tool.

It’s also something that few trainer/assessors are required to do as part of their job.

All RTOs will need to re-apply for scope for the new TAE – so I expect they will change the code and it won’t be TAE40116. ASQA says there will be new, more stringent, requirements.

No doubt it will take months between the application for scope and approval, and at this stage I have no idea what RTOs will do in the meantime.

All we can do is wait and see what will happen next.

Sandy Welton

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