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No TAE40116 Approvals

The more things change – the more they stay the same.

I notice that to date not a single RTO has been approved for scope for TAE40116, the new Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, even though it was released in April this year. The same applies for TAE50116 the Diploma of VET.

My gut feeling is that ASQA is sitting on the small private RTO applications unless they are non-compliant, because I know of RTOs who applied months ago and have heard nothing. On the other hand, I understand scope has been refused to a number of RTOs.

It will be interesting if ASQA is waiting for the TAFEs to apply, and I hope that’s not the case because TAFEs are large bureaucratic organisations and it seems likely they will have trouble getting together all of the required evidence for submission.

In the meantime I have been developing resources for TAE50116 which of course will cross over to TAE50216 the Diploma of Training Design and Development. I’m a significant way through this development and have updated my list of units to reflect this. (You can download the list from this site.)

Those who are canny, and want TAE50116 will probably apply for TAE50216 and select units that cross over. That way, as soon as somebody has scope for TAE50116 they will be able to credit transfer.

I’m expecting there will be a demand for the Diploma for several reasons. Firstly, anyone who delivers TAE40116 must have the Diploma. Secondly, there is no entry requirement for the Diploma and it doesn’t seem to change nearly so frequently as the Cert IV, so there will be people who hope to bypass the Cert IV and go straight to the Diploma.

I (and some of my colleagues) have recommended to PwC that this problem should be looked into. My clients would not accept a candidate for a TAE Diploma unless they have significant experience and hold either TAE40110 or TAE40116, but this is not spelled out. The only way to ensure there is an entry level is to make the statement in the qualification.

In the meantime we are in limbo. No doubt ASQA will be so busy reviewing new applications for scope they will have little time (or perhaps inclination) to concentrate on RTOs delivering TAE40110 for knock-down prices and short time frames. Since there is an 18 month teach-out period, this means we will continue to see people who hold the qualification but are not really qualified.

Sandy Welton

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