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Review of TAE Training Package

Review of TAE Training Package

The AISC has now approved a complete review of the TAE Training Package. The details and time-frame for the review can be found on PwC’s website at this link: https://www.skillsforaustralia.com/project-page/education-tae/.

This time, I am hopeful that we will have qualifications and skill sets that are actually fit-for-purpose. If you have read my research report dated November 2019, I argued that TAE40116 was not fit-for-purpose.

My colleagues Nancy Pavlovic (Pavlov Group), Chemène Sinson (Blackwater Projects), Douwlene Burdett (Healthy Business Academy) and Carolyn Fletcher (ITTA) have had a number of meetings and put together our main recommendations, which we have presented to Andrew Shea, Chair of the Education IRC and to PwC’s Skills for Australia.

At the moment, the Education IRC is concentrating on the new e-learning skill set which will comprise 2 new units, one for e-learning and one for e-assessment. This is in response to an AISC request to consider how the Covid pandemic has changed the way we work. My colleagues and I are not sure that’s the best way to go, but it looks like the decision is made. We are expecting these 2 new units to be endorsed around February and, needless to say, once they are endorsed, I will be developing resources for them. At the moment I’m considering the same clustered approach that I used for TAELLN412 / TAELLN413.

Our main concern is the Cert IV qualification as a whole. It seems that there’s consensus everywhere to remove TAEASS502 from the core so that’s one battle we don’t have to fight. I was able to attend a PwC focus group meeting recently and was the only representative of a private RTO. All the other RTO representatives were from various TAFEs. Overall, I was surprised at the amount of consensus in the meeting.

I would urge everyone who has a vested interest in this training package to make submissions to PwC or directly to the IRC members if you can. There is a survey you can access on PwC’s website.

Sandy Welton
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