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RPL Tools for BSB41415

I wasn’t going to develop RPL tools for the Certificate IV level units because I didn’t think there was much demand. Naturally, as soon as I made this decision I started to receive requests for RPL tools for the Cert IV in WHS. Typical!

So, now I have completed these in the same format that I used for the BSB51915 Diploma of leadership and management RPL tools – namely:
• One assessor guide and candidate guide for the qualification as a whole – to start the process. This contains the candidate application and guidance for both the assessor and candidate on the RPL process.
• One assessor guide and candidate guide for each unit of competency.

I have put full samples on my web site (at the bottom of the BSB41415 page).

There are two more RPL tools to develop for BSB41415. They are BSBWHS408 and BSBWHS409. I should have these finished in the next couple of days. These units will be RPL tools only – no learning and assessment resources.

These two units must be assessed in the workplace and need to be highly contextualised to the workplace. Monitoring processes and contractor management depend on the type of workplace. For instance, a laboratory, construction site, manufacturing, mining, power generation require quite different air monitoring and contractor management.

Next project: RPL tools for BSB42015 Certificate IV in leadership and management.

Sandy Welton

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