****New Development Alert **** BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management ****

TAE50116 – TAE50216

TAE50116 Diploma of Vocational Education and Training

TAE50216 Diploma of Training Design and Development

I am delivering this qualification for International Teacher Training Academy – naturally using my resources. They are working really well. You will find most of your students can RPL some units but need the learning pathway for others.

I am concerned that TAE40116 is not stated as a prerequisite to undertake the Diplomas. I strongly recommend that you make it a prerequisite unless there are exceptional circumstances. This is recommended for TAE50216 as well as TAE50116, because the units cross over and a double Diploma can be attained with Credit Transfer.

For TAE50116, if the learner is not working in an RTO, they will not be able to provide the Performance Evidence. They also need to be able to demonstrate leading other trainer/assessors, supporting professional development, validation and moderation processes, continuous improvement of facilitation practices etc.

Therefore, unless they are experienced trainer/assessors with at least 3 years’ experience and in a position to influence others in their RTO, they will struggle to provide the workplace evidence. This qualification cannot be achieved with simulations.

Current TAE50116 and TAE50216 resources available, including RPL tools:
• TAEASS501 Provide advanced assessment practice
• TAEASS502 Design and develop assessment tools
• TAEDEL502 Provide advanced facilitation practice
• TAEDES501 Design and develop learning strategies
• TAELLN501 Support the development of adult language literacy and numeracy skills
• TAEPDD501 Maintain and enhance professional practice

Elective Units:
• TAEASS503 Lead assessment validation processes
• TAEDES502 Design and develop learning resources
• TAEDES505 Evaluate a training program
• TAETAS501 Undertake organisational training needs analysis

* Price for learning and assessment pathway resources only $500 plus GST per unit
* Price for RPL tools only $200 plus GST per unit
* Price for full set $600 plus GST per unit

(This is a one-off price – not an annual fee)

Learning Resources include:

  • Learning Guide
  • Trainer/Assessor Guide
  • Assessment Task Workbook
  • PowerPoint


RPL Resources include:

  • Candidate application and guide for TAE50116 & TAE50216
  • Assessor guide for the RPL process for TAE50116 & TAE50216
  • Per unit – Candidate Guide
  • Per unit – Assessor Guide


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