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RTOs with TAE Scope

TAE Scope

Looking at training.gov.au today, it shows 8 RTOs with scope for TAE50116 Diploma of VET.
For TAE40116 Certificate IV in training and assessment, there are now 18 RTOs with scope.

Two of these purchased complete sets of my resources. A third purchased all of my RPL resources for TAE50116 and some of my learning and assessment pathway resources plus RPL for TAE40116, including the assessor skill set.
This gives me a great deal of confidence, although I am definitely not complacent.

There are now a handful of other RTOs who have purchased my resources for their initial applications or for submission as rectification, and we still don’t know how they will go.
What we have to remember about this TAE application for scope is that ASQA is looking for more than just compliant resources.

The training and assessment strategy is critical. In the TAS, the delivery and assessment strategies need to be spelled out in detail and meet the requirements for volume of learning, actual training delivery, assessment resources and environment as well as a range of assessment methods.

On top of that, ASQA is scrutinising the RTO’s past history of audit compliance and also its records of delivering TAE40110. They are usually asking to see portfolios of evidence of current and previous students.

This is why you can’t just order my resources. First of all I need a long telephone conversation with you, discussing your training and assessment strategy and your past history. There is no point spending money to purchase compliant resources unless you have everything else in place and can demonstrate a strong commitment to quality.

Congratulations to my clients who have been approved for scope and good luck to my new clients in their applications.

Sandy Welton
0407 131 075

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