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The Search For Specialist LLN Practitioners

Skill Set for LLN Practitioners?

I must admit I hadn’t even noticed there was an LLN skill set until a client told me.

It is TAESS00009 – Address Foundation Skills in Vocational Practice Skill Set, with 3 units:
• TAELLN411 Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills
• TAELLN412 Access resources and support to address foundation skills in vocational practice
• TAELLN413 Integrate foundation skills into vocational training delivery

So this is my current project and I am finding it challenging but will get there. About half way through so far.
Of course I already have resources for TAELLN411 because it’s a core unit in TAE40116, so I only need to develop the other two units.

The first thought was to cluster all three units together, but it’s very likely people will already hold TAELLN411, so it makes sense to leave this unit out of the cluster.
TAELLN412 and TAELLN413 really do need to be clustered though. There’s an awful lot of overlap – a lot more than I’ve seen in other units of competency.

Incidentally, these units both require the candidate to demonstrate consulting / collaborating with “specialist LLN practitioners” – so I went looking for definitions and discovered there aren’t any.

The advice I received from PwC is:
“In short, because there is no single definition of a specialist LLN practitioner, foundation skills delivery requires a diversity of practitioners from multiple fields of expertise and many niche areas of specialisation. Adult language, literacy and numeracy skills development is provided by a range of training organisations in vocational education settings, workplaces and the community.”
Apart from a couple of advanced diplomas, there’s no specialist LLN qualification, so I have suggested to PwC that they consider whether this skill set may fulfil that role.

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