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TAE40114 Development

Ongoing Development of TAE40114

The new qualification has still not been endorsed. However, I have sourced draft units and am now in development mode — hopefully so that it is ready by the endorsement date.

This is a complete re-write for me. Although the unit requirements have not really changed much, the VET system has changed dramatically, so the content of learning and assessment will need review.

I’m looking for feedback on the best approach to this. I’ve actually rewritten the Design units and just run this with a group, which gave me an opportunity to trial it with real learners. That was very helpful and given me lots of ideas for improvement.

One of the problems with this qualification is that clients want to achieve it in the shortest time possible, and of course normally for a Cert IV qualification we would expect a 6 month to 1 year timeframe. Currently I’m delivering TAE over one month with 9 days of workshops.

The objective is to do as much as possible of the assessment work during the workshop, so I’m getting my trainees to do research prior to each workshop so as to minimise the “homework”. That is working well but I am looking for even more ways to give a definitive structure and achievable timeframe without compromising the evidence requirements.

I’ve also just delivered the assessor skill set to a group, contextualised for a mining company. In order to achieve this within a short time frame, I decided to take the holistic assessment approach — clustering the 3 units. That worked really well.

On this basis, I am looking at holistic learning and assessment for the full TAE. Obviously the electives and TAELLN411 will still need to be stand-alone. However, the resources can be clustered in 3 sectors, Design, Assessment and Delivery. This goes back to the approach I originally used when developing TAA resources in the past.

The main concerns I still have are in providing the following evidence:

Assessment requirements for TAEASS402 Assess competence:

  • Gather evidence to demonstrate consistent performance in a real assessment environment

This indicates that we can’t use a realistic simulated environment.

Assessment requirements for TAEDEL401 Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning

  • facilitating group-based learning by preparing and delivering at least three training sessions, including:
    • at least two consecutive sessions of at least 40 minutes duration, that follow one of the learning program designs, to a learner group of at least eight individuals
    • at least one session delivered to a different learner group of at least eight individuals, with evidence of how the characteristics and needs of this group were addressed

At the moment I am struggling with how this can be achieved. Unless the candidate is currently working in a training role they will not have access to 2 different groups of at least 8 VET learners.


Since the Cert IV TAE is essentially a “licence to practice” in VET, candidates need to hold it before they can deliver training in an RTO.

Many people also need the qualification in order to apply for positions as enterprise trainers.

I welcome suggestions and comments.


Sandy Welton

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