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BSBLDR503 Communicate with influence

I have had quite a few requests to develop this unit and I’ve just finished it. This one was really challenging. I discussed it with my wonderful colleagues before jumping into it, because honestly, you could interpret the unit in various ways.
I’ve also written to Steven Deer at IBSA to point out a couple of mistakes in the unit.

It won’t change what I’ve written but when the next version is released Steven says he will fix them.

The mistakes:
“PC 3.5 Outcomes of meetings are promptly summarised for action and distributed to stakeholders, as required”
It’s written in the passive tense and will be changed to active.

KE: “demonstrate principles of cross-cultural communication”
The word “demonstrate” is out of place in knowledge evidence. These days they are using “outline”, “explain” etc.

Anyway, I’ve made sure that the resource requires the candidate to not only explain but also demonstrate cross-cultural communication so it should be OK.

BSBWOR404 Develop work priorities
This is the next resource that I will be developing in response to demand from existing clients.

Continuing with nose to the grindstone …

Sandy Welton

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