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Accredited versus Non-Accredited Training

Option of Non-Accredited Training

Where does the time go? I haven’t done a blog since last May so it’s definitely time.

I have been slow on the development front because I am now providing TAE training and assessment for International Teacher Training Academy as well as my normal work. I’m really enjoying this, as it gives me lots of interaction with the trainees as well as all the girls at ITTA.

My other project is to focus on non-accredited training – one-day workshops for employers in my area (which is Toowoomba). So far this is in its early stages but being very well-received. It’s also fun for me because I get to deliver face to face training. I’ve also been setting up and facilitating Action Learning sets and am really impressed by the difference Action Learning can make for an organisation.

My reason for focusing on non-accredited training has a lot to do with the problems RTOs are facing trying to operate in this increasingly complex and convoluted system, where the goalposts keep moving and nobody actually knows where the goalposts are. Add the negative media reports and the government attitude that it’s all somebody else’s fault and nothing to do with them, and many RTOs are thinking about other options.

So this is why I’m trying out a new approach in my own back-yard. If it proves successful in such a small area, then it’s something that my clients in other areas may wish to try too. In that case, I might add another page to my website with resources for non-accredited training.

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