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Changes to the BSB Training Package

BSB Training Package Changes

PwC has made changes to a number of qualifications in the BSB Business Services Training Package.  These have come out of the blue.  I know that PwC asked for submissions and consultation earlier in the year but in the past the ISCs used to release the draft qualification and units prior to actually putting them up for endorsement, so that RTOs had time to prepare for the change.

This didn’t happen.  The first I knew was today when I received the notification from training.gov.au.  So now it will be a mad scramble to revise everything.


My concern is with 2 qualifications in particular:

BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management – now BSB51918 (Release 1).  An equivalent qualification and the main changes are to:

  • Develop and use emotional intelligence (now BSBLDR511) and
  • Communicate with influence (now BSBLDR513).

These 2 units will be my priority to update.  There is also a Release 2.0 of BSBCUS501 but it’s just a minor change to the assessment conditions.  With the other units, PwC still has the old assessment conditions which is probably an oversight.


BSB41415 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety (Release 3).  Again equivalent to the previous release.

  • Analyse and present research information (now BSBRES411) has been changed, so that will be my next step.

The only other change is to update the codes for TAEASS301 and TAEDEL301 so that they are current.  I already have these 2 units.


Sandy Welton


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