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The Process of Updating Courseware

Sandy’s blog 26 April 2013

Time has got away with me again I’m afraid.  Kevin has been nagging me for my next blog for weeks but I’ve been so busy with development and training I haven’t had time.

I’m actually in the middle of several projects at once.  Keep trying to prioritise and then receive a call from a client that changes my priorities.

The projects I have on the go are:

Updating TAE40110 courseware and RPL tools:

I want to completely re-vamp my clustered course on a unit by unit basis.  So far I have created Learning Guides and Assessment Tasks (but not finished the RPL tools) for TAEDES401A and TAEDES402A.

I have completed Learning Guides and Assessment Tasks – and the RPL tools for TAELLN401A which was priority, as it will become a core unit in the new version of TAE40110 when it is endorsed.

In the meantime I needed to deliver the course so I took the opportunity to trial these 3 units in the new format and they worked a dream except (and isn’t there always an exception).  Version 1.0 of the TAELLN401A resources was written in March before the new FSK Foundation Skills Training Package was endorsed so I had referred to the case for endorsement in one of the assessment tasks.  Just a week before I delivered the course, FSK Foundation Skills Training Package was endorsed.  So after I finished delivering I changed this assessment task.  I just wish the powers that be wouldn’t change things quite so fast!

For the balance of the TAE40110 delivery I used the rest of the clustered course and it worked fine.

Updating BSB51107 Diploma of Management

Again, I have a clustered course but the OHS unit needed to be replaced with BSBWHS501A Ensure a safe workplace.  I am in process of rewriting the learning guide from scratch.  It will still be one learning guide rather than unit by unit but each section will relate to a single unit – so that it can be broken apart if necessary.  I’m exactly half way through.

Updating BSB40812 Certificate IV in Frontline Management

This clustered course is also out of date and I am developing unit by unit.  I have completed the core units and for the moment am leaving the electives until BSB51107 and TAE40110 are completed.  The demand right now is for the BSB51107 Diploma of Management and BSB40812 Certificate IV in Frontline Management.

Can I just finish with a big thank-you to my existing clients.  I really do appreciate your loyalty.

Sandy Welton

26 April 2013

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