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The VET Roundabout

Well, our poor VET system seems to be going through so many changes that it’s difficult for all of us to keep up.

I hope all of you are organised for compliance with the new Standards.  These days we seem to spend so much time dealing with compliance issues that it’s a wonder there’s any time left for training.  If you need help, give my friend and colleague Carmel Thompson a call.  Her details are on my Relationships page.

I’m still getting interest in my resources for BSB41412 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety, and also BSB51107 Diploma of Management, but new development is on hold (apart from TAE).  The new requirement for independent validation has kept me busy validating resources (not my own resources of course – that would be weird).

TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is still in limbo.  I managed to get hold of the draft units from IBSA, but much good that will do, since we still have no idea when the new qualification is going to be endorsed.  Of course, it would help if there was an endorsement body!

I have, however, revisited all of the TAE40110 resources and basically re-written from scratch.  This is to allow for the fact that everything is different now – particularly the new format of Training Packages and the introduction of foundation skills.  I’m not marketing the revised resources yet – but watch this space.

The changes to the VET system and Training Package format involved a lot of re-writing of TAE Cert IV units.  Hopefully this means that I will be ready to go once TAE40115 is finally endorsed.  Chemène Sinson of Blackwater Projects is also re-writing, and is just as frustrated as me.  It’s hard to remain motivated when the goalposts keep moving.  It may seem strange that, as competitors, we nevertheless collaborate, but we think there’s plenty of room for both of us.

In relation to delivery and assessment of TAE40115, it looks definite at this stage that trainer/assessors must hold a Diploma of TAE.  If you are in this position, I recommend that you contact Carolyn Fletcher of International Teacher Training Academy: http://www.ittacademy.net.au/.  Carolyn uses a “mentored RPL” approach.  I’ve collaborated with Carolyn for several years now and she is a consummate professional with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Sandy Welton

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